How A New Approach In Men’s Fashion Trends Could Change The World

Imagine buying $1,000 men’s leather shoes for only $350 to $400 and ask yourself how they can maintain quality while at the same time lowering prices. As initially reported on Bloomberg, Paul Evans co-founders Ben Earley and Evan Fript set out to do exactly that and streamlined the entire process from order to delivery. Here’s how they accomplished creating a business model that cuts out the middlemen.

When Ben and Evan first started Paul Evans, they wanted a comfortable and stylish men’s dress shoe that did not cost a fortune. They set about researching the details and realized several places where the expense involved levels of companies that only served to increase the retail price. By cutting out those middlemen, they tapped into the magic of e-commerce for startup businesses.

Making a shoe might sound simple until you get started trying to build one, and then you realize the number of parts involved in the finished product. From eyelets to shoelaces there is a company which sells only those parts and in the process creates additional expense. But then came the question, how would anyone sell such shoes if they are not available in major department stores.

E-commerce was the answer. They just followed the trail of parts and pieces and found a well-known company to handle manufacturing. The rest was a website where they sell Made in Italy, Designed in New York, men’s high-end dress shoes at nearly one third the expected retail.

Paul Evans offers a full line of footwear that includes men’s dress shoes, Oxfords, loafers and boots. To find out more about how they manage to sell shoes from a website, read up on the ideas at Bloomberg. Their bravery offers to change the way the world does business.