The Roles of Shafik Sachedina In The Institute Of Ismaili Studies And Sussex Healthcare

The Institute of Ismaili Studies was founded in 1977. The aim of its foundation has since been to promote scholarship as well as the learning of Muslim cultures, societies and contemporary with a better understanding of the vast relations they have with other societies.

Additional roles this institute plays in the community include encouraging an independent perspective that is not necessarily confined to normal theological heritage of Islamic society. Behind the leadership of the Institute of Ismaili Studies is Dr. Shafik Sachedina who also heads the Department of Jamati Institutions.

Background Information
In his capacity as the team leader of the institution, Shafik Sachedina organizes interactive events with the intention of uniting members of the department. Additionally, he leads various educative programs that seek to disseminate critical information on the culture of Ismailis, their values and purpose of interaction. With his input in the organization, the board of directors agreed to promote the culture of Muslims in the United Kingdom. More than that, the organization is now able to help people grasp more knowledge on the fundamentals of the Israeli community as all too often, the people attend conferences made to share some of the neglected subjects in the communities.

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For education, Sachedina attended the Guy’s Hospital Dental School where he majored in dental surgery. Later on, he flew to England and established a career in health-care entrepreneurship. With co-joined efforts from like-minded individuals, he joined the Aga Khan Development Network and has since served as a head cheerleader, constantly overseeing the management of finances and other leadership programs.

Where Did Sachedina Begin From?
Sachedina grew up in Tanzania. A few years later, he moved to Britain with his family with the intention of pursuing advanced education. From that moment on, he majored in healthcare and earned a degree after several years of studying. Currently, he is joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare, a nursing home that admits the elderly who need healthcare. At Sussex Healthcare, he oversees the allocation of resources among other roles like deciding on the viable partnership to involve the company in.

The Overview
Sachedina is a team leader and a team player. He applies his skills and expertise in medicine to give better insight to the healthcare department in Sussex Healthcare. With his extensive knowledge in medicine and leadership, he fosters healthy relations in the medical fraternity as well as the Institute of Ismaili.

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George Soros Uses His Wealth To Build A Better Future For All

How He Built His Prosperity
George Soros built his wealth by managing his personal hedge fund. More than anyone who had tried before and anyone who has tried after he has proven his ability to understand the stock markets of the world and he has accurately predicted when the markets will grow and when the markets will fall. This insight has allowed him to amass a fortune exceeding $25 billion as of 2016. He doesn’t hoard this wealth for himself either. Soros is a firm believer in using his wealth to improve the lives of others. Find more on

How He Shares It With Others
Philanthropy is at the center of just about everything that George Soros does. From freeing his native Hungary from communism to helping the campaign of Hillary Clinton he has involved himself in politics in various ways throughout the years. At times his investments into politics are more direct. During the migrant crisis in Europe last year Soros personally contributed $500 million to the European Union in order to help countries affected by the migration educate and integrate the migrants into their host countries. Last year was a particularly important year for George Soros and marked a return to politics for the hedge fund manager on

Why He Was Disappointed With 2016
The biggest disappointment of 2016 for George Soros was the rise of Donald Trump. He had placed heavy bets on the success of Hillary Clinton and he helped build her campaign. However, his efforts proved futile as Trump was able to eek out an electoral college victory despite losing the popular vote. Despite these events Soros has decided he wants to continue involving himself in politics.

How He Plans To Make A Better World
Soros wants to continue involving himself in politics because Soros wants to make the world around him a better place through open societies. In an open society according to, people are free to choose where they want to go in life. People who are born poor are able to one day become rich. People are not born into politically powerful families can eventually hold office. Under these conditions countries produce their best results and citizens are able to live fulfilling lives.

About George Soros
George Soros is a philanthropist who has focused his wealth on important political causes such as diversity and social justice. He strongly believes that the key to the success of any society is to create a world where people have the opportunities and rights necessary to make their lives better and to define their own role in life. To reach this goal he supports progressive movements,such as Black Lives Matter.

George Soros Talks About Paying For Refugees In Europe

George Soros talks a lot about the economy around the world because he has to watch it to make money. He is a billionaire who made all his money investing, but he did not make that money by being unaware of what was going on. He can see what is going on in Europe with the migrant exodus, and he wonders how European countries are going to pay for all their refugees. He was talking to The New York Review of Books on, and he discussed what it is going to take for these countries to get it together.

Every country in Europe has seen some refugees, but most of them are going to get hundreds of thousands at one time. There are places for these people to go, but the countries in Europe have to figure out how to bolster their economies to pay for social services for everyone. There is a lot of creative accounting that could be done, but that does not mean that that is going to solve the problem. George Soros does not think that refugees should be sent home, but he is afraid that countries are going to send people home because they do not know what to do.

Every country that wants to really integrate their refugees needs to give them a way to start contributing on as soon as possible. That means that all the refugees need to be given a chance to start their own businesses or get jobs. These people are going to wonder how they are going to make money, but they have ways of making money that will give taxes back to the country. Giving people shelter helps, but they have to be given a way to pay their way in society.

A lot of refugees are going to start their own businesses, and they are going to be able to make sure that they can live comfortably without only living on assistance. The problem is that a lot of people think that the refugees are only going to live on assistance, but they do not have to. These people for George Soros are going to be able to pay for their own families to live in a new country, but every country has to have an economic plan that will help these people get to assistance they need.

Hundreds or even thousands of new businesses according to George Soros are going to help every country make more money in taxes, and these countries are not going to have to send people back home. The people that get sent back home will not have a way of changing their lives, but they can change their lives in Europe. There is an open zone in Europe that helps people move around freely, but every country that people move to has to have a way of helping them. The help from George Soros that every country gives will be paid back when these people are working hard, and every economy can improve if only their governments will accept their responsibility for these refugees.

Dick DeVos Gives Back in a Big Way

Dick DeVos, comes from a long line of Amway executives and is a product of his Michigan values.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

One of the biggest values that he continues to follow is that social clout comes not from how much money you have, but what you do with it, specifically how much you give away. As such, he and his family have founded several different family foundations designed to help organize and control the way they give away their money.

The DeVos family recently revealed to MLive that combined they had given over 1.2 billion in lifetime giving, and 94 million in 2014. They were listed as #20 on Forbes list of 50 top givers of 2014, when the list was released last year. Although the DeVos family is very generous, they also are careful about who they give to.

The DeVos family gave to a number of conservative politicians, including think tanks, that were not included in the numbers that Forbes reported. They also gave a large portion of their money to eduation, in particular local public schools. Although none of the DeVos family member attend or attended public schools, they firmly believe that a good education for everyone is a benefit to society at large. Dick has given a significant amount to his self-founded aviation high school, West Michigan Aviation Academy. DeVos is an experienced helicopter pilot himself, so his passion for aviation and education make a happy experience for those that attend his school.

The five foundations that the DeVos family created and supports are focused on the greater Michigan area where the DeVos family lives. Each of these five foundations helps to decide how the money is divided. The other causes that the DeVos family supports include health and community services and the arts.

The DeVos family also participates in civic and community affairs by serving on various non-profit boards. Members of the family serve on the board of the Whitney Museum of American Art, National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and the Kennedy Center board, among others.

Dick DeVos is a prominent member of the DeVos family and holds dear the same values as the rest of the family. He works hard as an Amyway executive and uses his expertise to make sure that Amway is run smoothly and fairly so that both customers and employees can be satisfied with the thriving caring business. Before becoming an executive at Amway he was the owner and manager of the Orlando Magic. Learn more about DeVos’ career by visiting the following link:

Like the rest of his family, Dick DeVos believes that his biggest contribution to society and his life’s work is his philanthropical work. He is the biggest supporter of the charter West Michigan Avation Academy and supports the Grand Rapids, Michigan Arts Prize.