The Success of Dick DeVos

Amway Corporation is a multi-billion dollar corporation that was built by the DeVos family, a prominent family that currently resides in West Michigan and that is known for not only their political ties and influence, but is also known for their success in the world of business and for their generosity to many organizations across the United States. The DeVos family founded Amway Corporation many decades ago and has since then built a legacy for not only the company, but also for the family. Richard DeVos, the founder and the creator of the business has not only been proud of what he has accomplished, but has also been proud of what his son has accomplished. Richard DeVos’ son is Dick DeVos, an individual with a savvy mind for business as well as the drive to please his father and to grow the family legacy far into the future.


Dick DeVos has always been interested in pursuing business. With fond memories at the office with his father and his brother, Dick DeVos had always known that he wanted to pursue business. Even before any formal education, Dick DeVos remembers helping the company where he could by running errands, filing papers, as well as giving product descriptions to potential clients of the company. By his college years, Dick DeVos worked hard to eventually earn a degree in economics and to move forward by becoming an official employee at Amway Corporation. During his time with the business, Dick DeVos excelled and demonstrated his knack for leadership.


During his time at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos became in charge of international sales and was able to make the overall international sales 50 percent of the total revenue of the company. Dick DeVos worked hard to make business deals and even became the CEO of the company for a period of time. With 40 years of hard work, Dick DeVos truly accomplished his goal to grow the family legacy to become a great one that will continue to be remembered. Dick DeVos is the most known for his generous donations to worthy charities.


Of the many donations that Dick DeVos makes out on an annual basis, one of Dick DeVos’ favorite initiatives to support is that of education. Dick DeVos believes that education is the key to economic growth and that education is a way to make sure that individuals prosper. As an educated man, Dick DeVos understands that knowledge is important and has no equal. Thanks to both Dick and Betsy DeVos, numerous scholarships have been created along with schools that have given children the opportunity to pursue a higher education without having to take out loans or to go into substantial debt in order to receive an education.


Keith Mann Reaches Out To Help Some Graduating High School Seniors

There is a story behind every person who graduates from college and earns a college degree. Some of the stories are heart warming such as a single mother who somehow on a minimum wage job is able to send her child to college and help her child pay for school. While many stories of people who have graduated college and earned a degree are not life changing stories, each story is special.


 There are many people who go to college and earn a degree through the help of scholarships. The college expenses that are paid for by scholarships often go unnoticed because there is not a face associated with the scholarship money. However, the people who provide the scholarship money to the students in need of assistance to attend college are special people. Most of the time, the people who provide scholarship money never actually get to know the students who receive the scholarships.


One of the people who makes attending college and earning a degree possible for many students is Keith Mann. Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship at Uncommon Schools for graduating high school seniors from the organization’s Brooklyn High Schools. Uncommon Schools is an organization that provides management of 44 schools ranging from K-12 throughout three states, which are New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.


The scholarship established by Keith Mann will be awarded to one graduating senior a year from an Uncommon School based in Brooklyn. The scholarship will be for $5,000. Students interested in applying for the scholarship will have to write a 1,000 word essay.


Keith Mann is the CEO and founder of Dynamics Search Partners. Mr. Mann handles the day-to-day business activities for the firm. Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps companies in a specialized industry find quality executive talent for positions that need to be filled.


Keith Mann has acquired a large amount of executive search knowledge through his many years of experience in the executive search industry. With his experience and knowledge, Keith Mann through his firm is able to offer and provide clients with a rare combination of executive search services.