End Citizens United Fights Back Hard

End Citizens United was founded in 2015 on March 1st. They are a political action committee and they get all of their funding from grassroots donors. The mission of End Citizens United is to combat Big Money and to help remove the rigged political system. They strive to achieve this by passing different state ballot measures as well as electing different campaign finance reform champions. The champions whom are elected work towards trying to overturn Citizens United, ending dark money and also ending the unlimited money that is in politics.


End Citizens United is dedicated during elections to show everyone, including candidates, voters, and elected officials, as well as the press, that they are fighting back against those that are trying to buy the elections. They believe that this is the key to work towards a campaign finance reform as well as trying to get the lawmakers to also take action. End Citizens United makes sure to elect candidates that are pro-reform, they raise awareness to the issue of money in politics and they also demonstrate the political power that money holds on elections.


In 2016, their goal was to be a big player in the political reform. End Citizens United planned to use tens of millions of dollars to the candidates that were running as Democratic for House and Senate. They were able to raise more than $2 million from smaller donors. They also had gotten more than 325,000 signatures on their petition that was formed to demand those in Congress to pass the legislation that would reverse the Supreme Court’s decision that brought a lot of dark money into politics.


End Citizens United endorsed 11 different Democratic candidates during the 2016 election. They believe that their group is different than past groups because their plan is backing the candidates who are in favor of the reform and who have no problem standing up to Citizens United if they become elected. Their plan was to back the candidates they endorse financially through multiple areas such as TV ads, polling and direct mailers. End Citizens United also has a goal of passing a constitutional amendment that will overturn the 2010 decision; however, America has not passed any constitutional amendments since 1992, making this a very difficult goal to achieve for them.


This group chose to back Democrats over Republicans for a reason. Many of the Republicans as well as Independents also agree that this issue is out of control; however, the Republicans which are in leadership positions currently are remaining in the way of overturning the Supreme Court’s decision. So End Citizens United is just going to do whatever it takes and back anyone who are on board with this reform.