Betting on the NFL Made Easy

It’s easy to forget that there is a teeming world of gamblers underneath the popularity of the NFL in America. Gambling on the NFL has been a part of the sports’ history for as long as you can trace it back. Nowadays everyone is focused on Daily Fantasy Leagues and while those leagues are fun to play, we are still far more interested in working with the spread. Today we are going to talk about how you can place an informed bet on an NFL game by consulting the spread and statistics related to it. For the maximized usage of this guide you should pull up as a reference for NFL betting odds, statistics, and spread facts.

When it comes right down to it the game of football is relatively simple: have more points than the other team by the time the final whistle blows. That is essentially what the spread is all about. The spread is the number of points by which team A is predicted to beat team B. When you have a high powered team with Super Bowl aspirations playing against a team of scrubs then the spread can be notable. When two evenly matched teams play one another you’ll find that the spread remains pretty tight. These tight spreads are hard to bet on as they leave you with precious little wiggle room when it comes to winning. This is especially true when betting on Super Bowl odds. There are fewer teams to pick from during the Super Bowl so the scope of the spread is much smaller.

The way that a team does with the spread will be revealed underneath the box scores of each NFL game on That is why you will want to pay attention to the ATS stats for each team. Every time that a team covers the spread it is marked as a victory on their ATS. Every time that a team fails to cover it is listed as a ‘loss’. You want to bed on teams that are reliable but you also want to take advantage of certain situations. Let’s look at a situation where you’d want to bet big on the underdog.

Thursday Night Football puts teams on the field after a short week. If the favored team played on Sunday night then they’ll have less time to rest and prepare. If the favored team has to travel this makes it even likelier that they end up playing below expectations. In this situation you would be profitable, at least more likely, if you were to bet on the underdogs.