José AuriemoNeto’s Contributions to JHSF

José AuriemoNeto, or Zeco as he is known by his friends, is the executive president and CEO of JHSF. He has been in the CEO of the company since the year 2006. This was also the year when he was appointed as a member of the board of directors. Auriemo succeeded his father as the president of the company, in the year 2013. This was following the completion of the CidadeJardim Mall, which had all been his idea.

CidadeJardim is the largest shopping complex in Brazil and sits on 80,000 square meters of land. The shopping mall has 180 stores. There are four residential complexes and the commercial tower entails offices and a complex that entails the Brand Fasano hotel and the rest of it has apartments.

When AuriemoNeto came up with the idea of CidadeJardim, his father did not think that it would come to be such a huge success. Therefore, he was adamant to release any funds to go into its development. However, Zeco managed to convince him and the project started. Today, the mall brings in billions of income, on an annual basis. The success of it is what made Fabio to feel comfortable handing over the presidency to AuriemoNeto.

José AuriemoNeto’s Achievements

Zeco graduated from the Sao Paulo based Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteadoUnivesity, a renowned institution for producing the best professionals in the market. After completing his studies, his father allowed him to start working at the company; that was back in the year 1993.

Even though the company belonged to his father, Zeco always knew that there was no shortcut to success. He knew, just like the rest of the team, he had to work very hard to be recognized and have his responsibilities expanded. That is why, four years down the line, he developed a parking lot management company, Parkbem.

AuriemoNeto did not stop at Parkbem. A year later, he was overseeing construction of malls. And by the time he was 15 years old in the company, he was helping JHSF join the retail world by signing contracts with the likes of Jimmy Choo.

From Sleeping in a Van to a Millionaire, Nick Vertucci’s Journey

Your past does not dictate your future is a great philosophy used by Nick Vertucci. Nick grew up in a loving family where he got all his basic needs. Though his needs were met, it did not mean that he was excessively well off. Things became tough when his father died while Nick was only ten years old. The mother had to support Nick and his siblings which was not easy at all. She worked for long hours; Nick remembers how she would go home late while they were already asleep. At the age of 18, Nick was living in his van and life became even harder. His luck changed when he started selling computer parts. Having his own business was fun, he enjoyed having free time that came along with being his boss.

It is while working on his small business that he got married and had three beautiful daughters. Things at work and home were running well smoothly until in 2000 during the dot-com crash. Nick had not invested for the future; the crises made all his finances dissolve. During the time, a friend asked him to attend a real estate training seminar. At first, he was reluctant; he could not bring himself into spending his weekend at a forum that couldn’t earn him money. The friend explained it was worth listening as he had benefited from such a forum before. Nick Vertucci notes that attending the seminar was the best decision he ever made in his life. He was attentive to the speaker, and he soaked what was taught. Though he did not understand all that was said, something clicked while he was in the seminar. He knew from that moment that he found the solution on how to solve his financial problems. The teaching for the seminar inspired him; Nick Vertucci continued to read and absorb what he could on real estate. It took Nick more than ten years to gather the information he needed. The journey was long, and though he almost gave up, he eventually developed a system that made money in real estate. This system is simple and straight forward, and he vowed to teach others so that they too will become millionaires.

About Nick Vertucci Company

The Nick Vertucci Company Inc. provides a solution to challenges one faces when embarking on a career in real estate. The NV Real Estate Academy which was also founded by Nick provides education on real estate investing. The Nick system is earning people money and is available to all who wish to change their financial goals.

A Look At Nick Vertucci And NV Real Estate Academy
Nick Vertucci is a big believer in that what happened in the past should not determine your future. Mr. Vertucci describes how he grew up in a family where both his parents were able to provide a comfortable and loving childhood for him. This was until his father tragically passed away when Nick Vertucci was only 10 years of age.

After his father, who was the breadwinner of the family died, Nick’s mother had to work overtime to support herself and her children. Mr. Vertucci describes how he would often recall his mother working from early in the morning to late at night to provide for her family. She would come after he and his sibling were already sound asleep.

Nick describes how when he was 18, he had moved out of his mother’s home and was living in a van. This is what he calls his lowest point in life. A few years later, his low point ended and Nick found some great success on LinkedIn. He managed to start his own business selling computer parts and accessories. Things looked good for him. Nick got married, had kids of his own and was now living the American dream. He was also his own boss, which he felt extremely proud off.

Mr. Vertucci would hit another low point in 2000. This was when the famous dot com bubble burst. The money Nick had made and his business had almost disappeared with the dot com bust. In hindsight, Nick now realizes that he did not invest his money wisely and was unprepared for a major shock wave in the economy on

For the next year and a half, Nick Vertucci accumulated more and more debt and was struggling to earn a living. He nearly lost his house and was looking for a stable source of income. A friend then invited Nick to join him on a real estate seminar on Nick was hesitant at first but eventually decided to come along. What did he have to lose?

Mr. Vertucci decided to come to the real estate seminar with an open mind. He describes how he let what the speaker said at the event soak into his mind. Despite not understanding everything completely, Nick said he felt something click in his mind. He then became hooked on real estate and spent the next 10 years investing and perfecting his real estate investment techniques.

The culmination of his testing and success was NV Real Estate Academy. Having become a millionaire, Nick now wanted to share his knowledge with other people who may be struggling like he was many years ago. This is at the heart of the mission of his real estate seminar academy program at