You Need the Right Tool to Maintain Your Personal Cyber Security

The more computer technology advances, the more your personal cyber security grows in importance.


It seems the digital criminals continue to stay at least one step ahead of the security experts. That’s why everybody needs a personal cyber security app such as the one put out by Rubica. It protects all your devices, smart phones, tablets, personal computers and laptops (.


It’s also important for businesses, the main target of ransomware. What would you do if you booted up your computer one day, but it refused to do anything except tell you to send a large amount of bitcoin? In May 2017, WannaCry attacked over 300,000 computers around the world.


Rubica believes everyone has the online right to digital safety and privacy. They want to provide all people with personal cyber security. That’s why they employ security experts with real experience. Experts who used to work for Scotland Yard, the NSA and the United States Navy. They began with Concentric Advisors, an elite security firm. Concentric Advisors spun off their digital division in December 2016.


Rubica’s experts in personal cyber security monitor your online activity to safeguard you from criminals looking to collect your personal financial information. They also use machine-learning technology and a private network.

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