Clay Siegall and Successful Stock

If you work the stock market, you could do a lot worse than Seattle Genetics. The stock symbol for this biotech company is SGEN, and it has been a rising force in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields for the past 20 years. President and CEO Clay Siegall is the main reason for the success of the company. He has been in these fields of endeavor for a very long time now and his experience shows by way of the innovations his company spearheads.

Seattle Genetics always seems to be on the cutting edge of the innovation and change we see in the pharmaceutical industry, and this gives them respect in the field. Between the respect the company gets and the leadership skills of Clay Siegall which demand that respect, the stock price of this company will always do quite well. While Seattle Genetics may not be a blue chip stock, they are about the safest “bet” on the stock market if this the type of stock you watch. Consider the fact that their stock price has nearly tripled in the past 5 years, and you get a good idea of the path this company is on.

It is easy to follow what Clay Siegall and his company does, as they have a very strong web presence and easy to find social media outlets. While public transparency may not be something Seattle Genetics or Clay Siegall publicly tout, it is something they practice every day. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it fosters public trust and gives investors all the information they may need in order to make educated trades on the company.