Magnises Brings Luxury To Your Social Life

Facebook rules the digital world right now and that is pretty much not up for debate. As social creatures, the internet has given rise to a social networking culture on Crunchbase. We are always expected to be connected with our friends and family members. We are always going to be sharing material on our various social networks. One CEO with a wide vision for changing the world saw this social culture and decided to bring it to the next level. Magnises CEO Billy McFarland started his company with one simple mission in mind: create an offline social networking group that is similar to Facebook but fulfilling in a real and physical way. So what IS Magnises, exactly?

Magnises is a name that Billy McFarland came up with which he insists means, “leveling up your life“. Magnises is a club that people can join by purchasing a VIP card from their online store. The VIP card can be had for a monthly fee or an annual price. The Magnises Black Card gives you access to a variety of special discounts as well as admission to exclusive, member only events such as concerts and even social networking parties. What the aim of this card is, is simple: networking. The Magnises Black Card puts you in possession of a key that can proverbially get you in the right room with the right kind of people. Magnises aims to put people who are focused on luxury and a higher level of living in a room together. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

While Magnises hasn’t yet turned into a national product, it is already taking some of the biggest cities on in the United States by storm. Magnises launched back in 2013 and since then it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Right now there are over 12,000 active members of the Magnises network with the majority of them centrally focused in cities like New York. Let’s talk about what an average night out as a Magnises member can be like.

So one of the biggest benefits of a Magnises membership is that it puts you in possession of a digital concierge service that is available for your usage at any time. This concierge service can help you set up a night out from beginning to end. Let’s say you want to take out some clients for a night out at a great dining spot. Magnises can hook you up with a fine dining restaurant that is partnered with Magnises and offering discounts. From there the concierge service can point you toward a Magnises members-only club in the area where you can find a calm environment to discuss whatever it is that you want to discuss.

Billy McFarland’s goal with Magnises is pretty simple. He wants to build a platform that connects young professionals together in the city that they live in. McFarland himself knows what it is like to be a young professional as he dropped out of Bucknell University to become an entrepreneur and so far that is working out pretty well, we would say.