George Soros Disturbing Predictions about the Fall of the EU

George Soros is a rare person that is able to analyze a situation and be correct about its outcomes in most cases. This billionaire magnet from Hungary has used his keen observation skills to help build his fortune and to become one of the leading European analysts. Soros is now making some really bold predictions about various European crisis that is threatening the whole stability of Europe. Here is a look at what Soros has to say aboutthe matter.
Soros says on Bloomberg  his biggest concern with the EU has to do with the migrant issue. Close to 2 million people have flooded across Europe’s eastern and southeastern borders and the influx of people is not slowing down. Millions of people are fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and other unstable regions to find a better life inside of Europe. Soros is quick to point out that this type of behavior will quickly ruin the EU and cause many countries to collapse.

Soros wants the Germans to step in at the forefront of this current crises. He believes they are the only qualified country in eastern Europe that is capable of handling this crisis. Soros wants the German government to be more proactive in implementing border patrol policies. He is also depending the EU as a whole to make sure that Europe’s nations are responsibly handling the crisis. Some governments have even declared that no migrants will be allowed into the country once the number surpasses a specific amount.

Another reason why Soros does not want migrants coming into Europe has to do with the terrorist attack that happened in Paris back in November of 2015. Many European governments know that Islamic terrorists were behind this strike and so do the enemies of the west.

ISIS and other militant Islamic regimes realizes what is happening with the migrant situation in Europe. They are sending extremist across the borders with other migrant people. As a result, there is no way that European officials within different countries can screen them all. The bottom line is that a few will get into Europe and there is nothing that can realistically be done about this. However, countries can slow down the migrant influx and thereby reduce the chances of another major terrorist attack.

The EU is also facing other crises such as the UK’s expected departure from the EU. If the UK departs then the EU will be weakened. The UK is major player in the EU and their contribution to this political union cannot be contested. The EU has to keep the UK in otherwise this combined organization of states will fail.

Soros also vocalizes some other strong reasons as to why the EU is headed on a downward spiral. Readers can look at the article The EU is on the Verge of Collapse – An Interview to find out more about Soro’s predictions.