Talk Fusion Gives Out Its Products In Free 30 Day Trials

Talk Fusion is one of the world’s leaders in video marketing solutions. In order to further support their products they recently launched its 30 day Free Trials program worldwide. This program is available in nine languages and will be used in 140 different countries. This program allows people to try out Talk Fusion’s products for 30 days at no cost and no risk. This includes the entire all-in-one Video Marketing Solution.

In order to implement this program it took the team at Talk Fusion more than a year of hard work. The 30 day Free Trials program will give potential customers way to try out the company’s video marketing tools and see for themselves how effective they are in increasing revenues.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina talked about this new program. He said that the tools his company offers are provided at a great value to customers. He said that by putting his company’s products into people’s hands for a free month they will end up buying these video marketing tools.

In order to get a free month of Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution users just need to go their website at The sign-up is easy and nonintrusive as you only to put in your name and email address to get this offer. It won’t ask for any other information such as a credit card number.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. Its products are sold through direct marketing. Bob Reina is proud to have introduced the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan where their direct sellers receive their payments immediately upon a sale. His company is also part of the Direct Selling Association which holds its members to the highest ethical standards.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are committed to philanthropy. They support the communities in which they operate, in particular animal charities. It was in 2014 that Talk Fusion helped the SPCA Florida nonprofit by supplying a number of new vans. They have supported this charity in other ways as well, such as in 2013 sponsoring a “Putting on the Ritz” fundraiser event with the proceeds supporting SPCA Florida’ mission of saving animals. Learn more:

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Thinker- Jason Hope

Unlike many young people he has a lot of responsibilities and holds several titles. Jason Hope can well be described as a philanthropist, thinker, and technologist. He was born and raised in Temple and after his High school graduation the futurist attended Arizona State University to further his education. Mr. Jason knows knowledge is power and after his graduation from Arizona State University he did his MBA graduating from ASU’s Carey School of Business. As an entrepreneur he has been keeping and focusing on one project at a time and he also advises other investors to do especially those who are coming up.

Jason Hope has earned a name as a futurist who has been watching the market and making predictions for the future. Most of Jason Hope’s predications are based on technological trends. For the longest time he has watched the technology industry expand and make changes and he trusts that the future of the current community is on the power of the internet due to the growing number of devices which are becoming connected. Jason Hope gives investors and entrepreneur an advice to capitalize on technology for expansion of their ventures.

The Arizona State University graduate is not only a technologist, entrepreneur and a thinker but he is also much involved in the community activities. He is an active philanthropist who recently $500000 to SENS Foundation that is a non profit organization based in California. As a humanitarian; Jason puts much focus on education, and health. He has been emphasizing on education in as well as outside the classroom and has worked hand in hand with the Boys &Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix. His passion for the health sector has led him to work with groups including; the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain State Chapter, True Colors Fund, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International among others. Jason is a strong believer of prevention than cure and he advises people on changing their perception on living healthy. There is another side about Jason which is developing; he has been involved in political issues. He believes in doing things today not tomorrow.

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Bob Reina On The Progress Talk Fusion Has Made

Bob Reina often writes about the importance of video marketing and how it’s become key to promoting brands and connecting with customers. He’s the founder of video marketing phenomena Talk Fusion and is a regular contributor to the HuffPost and MarTech Advisor. He was interviewed by Inspirery not long ago to talk about how Talk Fusion began and who the company reaches regularly.


Reina said he’s marketed Talk Fusion to all kinds of clients that include small business owners, large corporate leaders and non-profit groups. He said it’s become successful because multilevel marketing truly works when done right and is all about helping everyone succeed in making money. In fact Reina says the stories of those who join the Talk Fusion associates program and find success doing so are what inspire him to build the company even bigger. Learn more:


Bob Reina is from Tampa, FL and was a police officer there for over 10 years. Over time he grew tired of the routine and decided he needed to try a new line of work in direct sales. After working for several different direct selling companies, he found an idea for his own when he was on vacation and wanted to send videos through email. Most communication companies at the time said his idea wouldn’t work, but in three years he and his friend Jonathan Chen were able to develop a video email app. That was the start of Talk Fusion’s products.


Bob Reina decided to make the Talk Fusion associates program even more appealing by adding bonus incentives that included expensive jewelry, sports cars and exotic vacations. Reina also decided to allow customers to try all of Talk Fusion’s products for free for 30 days through the free trials program, and to do so you don’t even need a credit card. Reina is also a philanthropist who has volunteered at local animal shelters and given over $1 million to the Tampa Humane Society. He introduced a giving back program at Talk Fusion that allows associates to give a monthly access account to any charity they choose. Reina has also won Product of the Year awards for his company. Learn more here: