Dr. David Samadi Is A Pioneer In SMART Prostate Surgery

Dr. David Samadi is a surgeon, television personality, and activist who is known for pioneering medical advances in robotic surgery. Dr. David Samadi is known for his work with prostate cancer, and for appearing on multiple television programs including his own self-titled television show.Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran to a Persian Jew family. The family was forced to flee the country following the Iranian revolution. They moved to Brussels and then London until finally settling in New York City. Dr. David Samadi went onto attend Stony Brook University where he received a degree in biochemistry. He then went onto attend Sloan Kettering where he was training in treating testicular, bladder, and prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi has received a certificate in robotic surgery. This is a technique where the surgeon uses an advanced robot arm to perform an operation that is minimally invasive. Dr. David Samadi is behind the development of SMART surgery techniques that use robots to avoid damaging the nerves during surgery. This technique results in less complications, and it allows patients avoid having the surgery damage their sex lives.Dr. David Samadi has received a number of awards for his surgical practices. He was put on the best doctor’s list from 2009 to 2012 and 2015 by New York Magazine. He has been a member of the American Urological Association since 2001. He has been listed by Castle Connolly Magazine as a one of the best doctors in New York. He received a Vitals Patients’ Choice Award from 2008 to 2014.

Dr. David Samadi has extensive knowledge in performing prostate surgery. He performs an average of five hundred robot assisted prostate operations per year with him performing over seven thousand operations in total.Dr. David Samadi is known for promoting his SMART prostate surgery techniques. He has a television show that live streams Sunday afternoon on SAMADI TV. He also has an extensive collection of videos on YouTube where he discusses issues related to prostate health. Dr. David Samadi has a blog under his name along with being present on various social media platforms.

Is President Trump Driving Everyone To Get Counseling From Talkspace?

You might already know that Talkspace is an online app based in New York City that offers online counseling. Most of the patients that are joining up for thos service seem to be around the age of 33 or 34. These millennials are moving towards Talkspace much quicker than the company projected. Since Donal Trump was elected President, it seems that Talkspace is growing between 70 to 80 percent faster that the projected numbers. Having said that, who knows is President Trump himself has anything to do with the apps increase of numbers. They seem to be up all across the board, for example, the company is seeing spikes in female users, LGBT community customers as well as Muslim, Jewish and minority based customers.

On election day the company had already between five and seven times more customers that they expected numbers and three times the normal by Inauguration day, so, does the Donald have anything to do with this increased volume? Perhaps your highly qualified therapist knows the answer. The world and the people of the United States have always had stress and anxiety, however, one of the triggers could have been the election and the inauguration. Regardless, Talkspace is helping to make America great again by providing a place where patients can talk with the use of their cell phone to a qualified mental health professional over the internet.

One other thing that could be making the Talkspace plan be so highly sought after is that the cost is about $32 a week and you don’t need insurance. The company provides some of the highest qualified therapy and mental health professionals an has helped over half a million people so far. With frequent check ins, one or two per day using an email, it is a great way for people to feel better and get the help they need. Talkspace also has video chats available for the people who need them. Regardless of what happens in the world or the white house, Talkspace will be there to offer therapy for anyone and everyone who needs it.