The Impressive Securus Technologies

It is not every day that a company receives the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau, but Securus Technologies has done just that in Dallas on May 12, 2016. They are extremely proud to have received this high honor from the BBB.


The company worked hard to make sure that they met the requirements of the BBB to receive the highest rating of A+ by achieving several different goals. Some of the goals that they had to meet were integrity, honesty, trust, privacy and transparency. Having met these requirements for the BBB, the company is very proud of all of their staff that are committed and dedicated to the safety of others.


Securus Technologies has also developed a high volume, call center to provide a customer service that is to be rivaled. They service over 25 million people. The staff in the center is highly trained to give the best experience possible to the people that call in. They are able to answer questions and solve problems at an alarming rate, making them extremely valuable in the industry.


The company is the leader in their industry. They service both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. Since there are over 1 million prisoners that they deal with on a regular basis, they use a variety of techniques to induce safety. Investigations, videos and public information are just of few of the ways that are increasing the public’s safety in North America. In the future, they intend to do even more with their latest technology and techniques to make the world a better place for everyone.



Securus Technologies Makes Christmas Better

I recently discovered an interesting video made by Securus Technologies. The video highlighted communication technology known as video visitation for inmates. I find that the technology was a real blessing for prisoners. It offers inmates a chance to communicate with their family through a simple video technology. I watched the promotional video of an inmates spending time with his child during Christmas period.

The video created a good time and made families remain united. During the video call, the boy was talking to his father. The young boy went down the steps as his father watched him via phone. The experience was enjoyable for both the parent and child. It was a lot similar to his father being there as his young son watched.


Regarding prisoner communication services, Securus Technologies avails its facilities for both phone call and video calls. Cost for calls are usually catered for by the inmate’s friends and family. The Securus Video technology has eased communication among friends, family, and prisoners.


The video calls has also been highly advantages for people working in correction facilities. It reduces the need of physical visitations. The videos have reduced congestion and long queues in correction facilities. Families have taken off the inconvenience of long queues during prison visitations. The online video visitation system is simple and straightforward. A family or friend can schedule an online visit and wait for the right moment.


Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in communication services. It provides phone services in multiple correction facilities. Securus has created a unique opportunity for inmates. Inmates and correctional facilities can take advantage of services rendered by the company. They have accessed highly advanced and efficient communication systems. Inmates can now make and receive calls. Additional features such as video calls through a televised screen is highly beneficial.


Started in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown to be a leader in prison technology. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas. It deals with technology development for law enforcement within correction facilities. Securus is a leading provider of prison communications and parolee tracking. Apart from its head office in Dallas Texas, Securus has additional offices in other locations. It has offices in Texas, Allen, Carrollton, Georgia, and Atlanta. The company employs more than a thousand employees to demonstrate its grip in technology. Securus has contracts in over 2,600 correction facilities within the United States and Canada.



Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredits Securus Technologies

One of the largest facility providers, Securus Technologies, was recently accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Securus provides justice technology answers for investigations, public safety, corrections, monitoring, and they serve over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The main focus of this company is to connect what matters. They are a gateway for emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-services, the monitoring of products and services, public information, investigation, information management, incident management, and communications to make the world more secure. This company possesses some of the best licensed ingenious thinkers, designers, engineers, and technologists that have helped build their profile as being one of the most high-tech software solutions providers nationwide.

The BBB, Better Business Bureau, works with corporations to measure the rationale of statements made by companies to their customers and media. That is precisely what Securus did voluntarily with the BBB, and was appointed a rating of A+. There are many standards to get such a high rating by the BBB, and Securus met all qualifications. The standards that are to be covered and judged are to build trust between clients, advertise in the most ingenuous way, be transparent, honor the promises you state to clients, be responsive towards any disputes that needs resolving, safeguard your clients privacy, and to embody integrity. With every one of these standards met, Securus was given such a high rating.

Securus took many steps to ensure such a rewarding rating. It is a company with one of the highest domestic call centers in the industry that has up to 220 seats. This helps increase and boost customer service to about 25 million family members and friends, and this helped with the customer review rate of 4.3 out of 5. With that the first-call resolution rate was up to 99 percent at a call average of 2.5 million calls per month. This significantly helped execute the meeting of the BBB standards for accreditation. With help of the BBB, Securus is now one of the largest full-spectrum solutions provider nationwide.


How Securus Improved Their Software To Make It The Best Available In The Industry

Threads 3.1 is the latest version of the analytical software developed by Securus Technologies to analyze data relating to the corrections industry. Securus uses this software to facilitate the operations of the services they offer their clients and the upgrades included in this new version make the system much easier to use and streamlined than it was before. Unnecessary features have been eliminated to make interacting with the software more efficient. Upgrades to the platforms and interfaces that the system uses mean the software is more stable and able to operate at the same speed and capability of other newer and upgraded systems.
Threads 3.1 as explained by is primarily used as an investigation tool. Administration and security teams of corrections facilities have to be able to monitor the activities and communications of the inmates they house without violating their rights or any privacy laws. With Securus’ software these professionals are able to effectively do their jobs without worrying about data breaches, malfunctioning equipment, or any mistakes being made due to human error.

The new features of Threads 3.1 include its ability to work seamlessly with other Securus Technology software like the interface uses to enable the video visitation system that the company produces. Making their products compatible and accessible through one another is another way that Securus has streamlined the process and made it simpler to understand and use. This is an added benefit to clients who get to have state of the art, cutting edge equiptment with the latest and best in investigative technology but without needing to take on the expense of re-training their employees on how to use the system.

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