A New Lovaganza Announcement Gives Fans The Year Of The Main Event

Lovaganza is an unprecedented historical undertaking that requires top-tier support from top-tier supporters. It’s scope has never been imaginable in recorded history except for the modern time, as it involves simultaneous showcases worldwide. Lovaganza will take place at eight strategic locations located across the planet. Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, The Middle East, and Europe will all feature Lovaganza expositions. Each exposition will last four months, and incorporate a bevy of attractions that include a centric focus on a kind of Bohemian celebration of the music, dance, arts, and cultural idiosyncrasies of diverse peoples from across the world. Additionally, each event will feature presentations that are live, live shows, displays which are interactive, and much more. One of the most exciting things that has generated fans for Lovaganza is a new cinematic technology called IMMERSCOPE.

IMMERSCOPE uses groundbreaking technology to initiate a 3D experience unlike any other. For starters, no glasses are required. This is because IMMERSCOPE utilizes a 180 degree screen. The ultimate effect is a perfect marriage between the proscenium play and the extravagance of modern movie making. The viewer is captivated like never before.

As an additional cherry on the cake, the Bohemian trilogy of trilogies planned for Lovaganza will incorporate themes of love, revolution, comedy, suspense, and thrills. The first trilogy is already in principal photography. Its three films are slated for sequential release each year starting in 2017. The films will be featured on the Lovaganza convoy, which is a traveling showcase set to tour the globe between now and 2020, when the main event takes place–according to PRNewswire. Lovaganza was originally planned for a 2015 release, but technological advances curtailed that initial idea on wikidot.com.

The Lovaganza website has a 2012 copyright, indicating it launched around that time. A 2012 launch indicates that there was likely more than a few years prior to the website’s inception wherein Lovaganza was being planned. 2020 will likely represent an effort more than ten years in the making. It will certainly represent an event worth billions of dollars. Eight four month expositions run simultaneously comes to thirty-two months of continuous operation. Coupled with nine blockbuster films, traveling infrastructure, and the cost of developing and deploying the new technologies to be shown at the main event, it’s apparent that Lovaganza is only possible through the support of some serious backers. It will be very intriguing to see how everything pans out over the next four years.