How Fabletics Is Leading The Athleisure World

How do you build a successful ecommerce brand in 2017 while giving Amazon a run for its money? You gamble big on brand and on customer experience like the fitness apparel company Fabletics. This is the ingredient for success for Fabletics which is opening new brick and mortar locations as much larger and older retail companies like Macy’s are closing their physical locations. Fabletics is a fashion company that was born online and that won over its customer base by offering something that many other players in its field were not: well-designed clothing that would not put a large dent in their customer’s pockets. The company’s founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler of TechStyle Fashion Group and starlet Kate Hudson, were able to clearly envision an opportunity to become a leader in the growing ecommerce marketplace. According to analysts at Morgan Stanley the athleisure trend is more than likely here to stay and to get larger. Athleisure largely refers to fitness apparel that is versatile enough to be worn in settings outside of the gym such as to the office or out and about on the town. Athleisure wear tends to be a bit more stylish than the usual workout fare of heavy sweats and a hoodie. Athleisure is growing in markets like the United States where young people are interested in living more active lifestyles and having a wardrobe that is conducive to that. According to Morgan Stanley the athleisure wear trend is also growing in international markets in China where nearly one-third of the population works out three times each week. This represents a wealth of business opportunities that Fabletics has positioned itself to take advantage of.


Part of the reason that Fabletics has been able to be so successful is that it has allowed actress and co-founder to take the helm for its marketing. Young consumers are now more than ever enamored with the idea of authenticity and relatability and Hudson delivers this in droves. In many ways she is her target market: young, female, interested in using fitness to enhance her quality of life. Seeing Hudson in Fabletics’ clothing seems very believable and does not feel like a stretch of the imagination that often accompanies some ill-matched celebrity-brand partnerships.


Hudson told CNBC that one of the elements involved in building a strong ecommerce brand is understanding the value that big data can bring. Hudson and her colleagues look to data to help them understand which items they should be producing more of and which items are not connecting with their customers and need to be shelved as a result. They don’t play important business decisions but look to the data to them how customers are responding to their products. Fabletics success shows that this approach is paying off.


Another key to Fabletics’ success is the emphasis it places upon online reviews. Fabletics treats online reviews as a kind of qualitative market research where they can gain valuable insights about how to move forward based on the way that customers are reacting to their business. The company reportedly spends lots of time one the website Trustpilot monitoring and responding to the countless number of online reviews that customers post there. Fabletics also offers their customers the chance to take a short quiz to better understand their needs.

Travelling Vineyard Organizes Exciting Events At Napa Valley

A lot has been told about the wines from Napa Valley. A lot of people know where the wine they enjoy comes from, but they don’t know how they can get it at discounted prices. Travelling Vineyard was established specifically to help people get access to their best flavors of wine anytime at great bargains. For those who love wine and art, Napa Valley is home to the most fantastic art walk exhibition. During this occasion, individuals get to savor what the place has to offer. You can count your day well spent if you save your time and visit this place.

In Napa Valley, one of the landmarks of the area is a great Round Pond Estate. This farm produces some of the most outstanding olives across the globe. According to Travelling Vineyard, a tour of this vast estate is therapeutic and could help one distract them from the hustle and bustle of the city. On the same valley, a cooking competition takes place every year. The race is called Silverado Cooking School. Visitors get a rare opportunity of sampling what the valley has to offer regarding authentic cuisines.

According to Travelling Vineyard, vacation is all about creating time to be with yourself and your loved one. Napa Valley offers the tranquility and serenity one requires to unwind. Within the region lies the renowned Calistoga Ranch Resorts where thrill seekers get to enjoy the scenery and ambiance. Due to its geographical location, the resort has natural springs which ensure that visitors get treated to spa sessions. Calistoga is also home to some of the most enjoyable games such as hiking, painting, yoga and hot air balloons.

Sometimes wine taking can be annoying when taken in homes or the bar. Travelling Vineyard has come up with innovative ways of ensuring that the act does not get dull. The company suggests wine sessions for wine enthusiasts so they can enjoy wine while meeting new people or experiencing what nature has to offer. Wine lovers get to savor the best wine in serene environments with fellow enthusiasts.

Just in case you didn’t know, Travelling Vineyard is a direct sales company in wine industry. The only thing that makes Travelling Vineyard an exciting brand is that the firm allows members to keep a supply close to them. When one becomes a member of Travelling Vineyard, they get a starter kit that goes for $189. Using the starter pack, one can call their friends to a wine tasting party and for their favorite wine; they can make direct orders to the company. For every purchase made, the member of Travelling Vineyard makes a commission.

The benefits of working with Travelling Vineyard are many. The platform helps individuals start their own business without having to worry about sales processes such as branding, packing an d maintaining an inventory.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Their History Speaks For Itself

A company like Goettl Air Conditioning has been around since 1939 and they have a rich and proud history. That is something that is very vital and important in today’s world. People need to know when they are working with Goettl Air Conditioning based out of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson, they are working with a company that has seen it all, done it all, and experienced it all. When the name Goettl Air Conditioning, there is a legacy there and it runs for over seven decades. That is hard to ignore and overlook for customers. They know they are running a business the proper way with the proper people.

As with any company, it is a team effort, but it is led by the main man Ken Goodrich. He is an honest, trustworthy, and kind man. He is always in the community and always giving back. That is in his nature and that is how he was raised. He also has surrounded himself with the best men and women that he could find. When he looks for people to hire, he wants to make sure they have what it takes and they are really interested in the company and the customers.

When they put on that uniform and go to someone’s house for maintenance, repairs, or installations, they have a job to do and they have the company’s reputation to uphold. That name stands for a lot, as mentioned, and people expect a certain level of service out of the company. While some might see that as a lot of pressure and crumble under it, the employees of Goettl Air Conditioning rise to the occasion and they keep showing their customers why they have been around for so long and what they can do for them and how they do it.

Above all else, Ken Goodrich wants to give back to the community. He knows the community has done a lot for him, and he truly appreciates that. That is not something he takes for granted. That is why he gave $1,000 dollars in tools to a veteran that is on his way to graduating college (read more on He knows veterans have an adjustment period when they come back from the war. It is hard to have a normal life and pretend like what happened didn’t happen. However, this is a great way to get them started on the next chapter in their life. For more info, visit

The Growth and Success of Seattle Genetics with Clay Siegall

There are numerous firms making inroads in the sector of cancer research, and among the interesting companies of the past years has been Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics has been primarily studying, manipulating, and packing human antibodies drugs since its inception in 1998. The antibody works by delivering a toxic payload into cancerous cells and starts destroying them from the inside.

Seemingly, this strategy could soar Seattle Genetics into high leagues. High enough, as hoped by many, for it to become the pharmaceutical firm that the biotech community in Seattle has been looking for a long time to deal with the issues that have plagued the sector. The firm’s flagship drug is Adcetris and is utilized in treating Hodgkin lymphoma, a lymph system cancer, which can quickly spread to other body organs. The CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall noted that the firm is among the successful emerging international, multiproduct, oncology companies.

In February, as a sign of the firm’s commitment to the global market, Siegall made a bid to spend $2 billion in the acquisition of worldwide rights for commercialization of a cancer drug formulated by Immunomedics, which is based in New Jersey. Though Siegall withdrew the bid in May following some issues at the Immunomedics’ board, this was a sign of the efforts that Clay Siegall is committed to going global.

Seattle Genetics is currently experiencing a steep growth trajectory. Last year, 2016, the firm made sales worth around $418 million, which was 46 percent growth from 2014. In the past five years, the company’s stock price has more than tripled. In mid-May, the firm’s stock was trading at $66 a share compared to the previous price of $20 a share. Recent successes in Seattle Genetics have heightened its valuation by over 50 percent in the past one year alone.

As the Seattle Genetics’ CEO, Clay Siegall has had a profound passion in ameliorating the lives of cancer patients since his career debut in biomedical studies. Currently, Siegall is the chair of the board and president of the firm. He has been serving at the firm as CEO since 2002. Siegall attended the George Washington University from where he earned his Ph.D. in genetics.

Siegall made his career debut at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a senior research investigator. He later got a promotion to the principal scientist position before proceeding to the National Cancer Institute to serve as a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow. After this, Clay Siegall made efforts to help in the launching of Seattle Genetics.

Rocketship Education Is Opening Another School And Highly Encouraging The Participation Of The Parents

Although construction for the new Rocketship Education school in Southeast Washington has barely begun parents are already excited. They can already picture the gymnasium, nursing station, and computer lab. The new building will be two stories high and 54,000 square feet. Interviews for teachers have already started due to Rocketship Education wanting the parents to be involved. Prior to a teacher being offered a position with the school they are interviewed by a group consisting of parents. The feedback from the parents has changed the decision of the school in numerous cases as to who will be hired and who will not. The parents take their responsibility seriously and candidates receive a close inspection.

Rocketship Education is a charter school based out of California. When their elementary school opened their doors in 2007 their strong test scores, approach to learning, and mixture of computer, online, and traditional teaching placed them in the spotlight. The Public Charter School Board in D.C. voted and agreed to let Rocketship Education open eight schools in their district in 2013. The charter school is bringing much needed competition to the area’s public schools. Rocketship wants their school to be more along the lines of a neighborhood school and the other charters in the district. Although they have to accept applications from all possible students they have placed their focus on the neighborhood of Ward 8.

Rocketship Education will accommodate 350 students beginning with kindergarten up to the second grade during the first school year in 2016-2017. A preschool at Rocketship will be available through the Appletree Institute. Approximately forty percent of all current applications are from the Woodland Terrace housing complex. The administrators at Rocketship Education want the students families to become involved with the school and their children’s education. A special room will be built where the parents will have access to computers and the internet. The school wants parents to have the ability to send in applications for jobs while they are at the school. Parents generally come to Rocketship Education to attend school functions and activities or to pick up their kids.

Roc Nation Benefits From The Skills Of Desiree Perez

The Roc Nation record label has been home to many of the leading brands in the music industry and the wider entertainment world for around 20 years; much of the success that has been achieved by the Roc Nation brand in recent years can be placed at the door of Roc Nation executive and trusted Jay-Z advisor, Desiree Perez. The Roc Nation brand has grown from a record label to become a large scale business from the success achieved by the artists signed to the label and the canny business choices made by Desiree Perez and her fellow members of the Roc Nation Hova Circle of Influence.  More to read on this site.

Much like the music industry, the business world can often reward those who have the largest amount of confidence and a powerful attitude that can make those entering negotiations seem they are at the very top of their game at all times. . Check

In bringing together the $150 million deal between Roc Nation and the Live Nation concert promoting brand in 2008 for an astonishing ten years, Desiree Perez made her major mark as a negotiator; Perez has been at the heart of the negotiations over continuing with the deal that established Live Nation in the recorded music sector in a deal that has proven such a success it has been renewed in recent months.  Read her tweets, visit her on twitter@desireeperez01.

As the leader of the SC Enterprises company for more than 20 years, the rise of Desiree Perez has made her not only one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry but one of the most powerful people currently working in this sector. Explore more on

Over the last few years, the trust shown in Des Perez has been seen once more with the Roc Nation Sports department the latest addition to the stable of brands Desiree Perez heads up for her close confidant Jay-Z.  Additional article on

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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation Look Toward New Contract

Jay Z is what you would call a ‘pretty big name’ in the hip hop world. In fact, Jay Z is one of the top performers in showbusiness, period. Jay Z and his team at Roc Nation have been working hard for the company Live Nation for the past decade under their esteemed ‘360 Deal’ which was a 10 year contract worth $150 million. The 360 Deal was signed in 2008 and now we are about to see the contract expire, making one of the highest earning men in the music industry a free agent. What does this mean for Jay and the team at Roc Nation?  Hop over to for more reading.

Well, reports already have Jay Z and his close business associate Desiree Perez were already seen sitting down with Sir Lucian Grainge for a dinner meeting in Santa Monica, CA. Sir Lucian Grainge, for those not in the know, is the CEO at the Universal Music Group, or UMG for short. People are already speculating that this might mean Jay Z and Desiree Perez are steering their next contract toward UMG but so far there has been no official word. An insider at UMG was quick to say, “Jay Z is phenomenal, and it would be great to get further into business with him.” That source went on to say that there hasn’t actually been an official discussion about what Roc Nation is doing when their 360 Deal expires.  Check for additional reading.

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A move to Universal Music Group would make a ton of sense for Jay Z and the rest of the Roc Nation crew, including a burgeoning star in Desiree Perez. Roc Nation has a slew of huge talent, including Meek Mill, Rihanna, and Shakira, and the Universal Music Group would surely give them a platform.  Explore more on  We have to just sit tight and wait and see how the deal making goes down. Read her latest tweets on twitter@desireeperez01

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The Advertising Leadership of Jose Borghi

Brazilian advertising legend, José Henrique Borghi, is the co-founder and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe. His sterling started immediately by founding a very-soon successful advertising firm with no startup capital. He managed this by engineering a merger between Lowe Partners and the Mullen Group. The successful result of this ideal marriage was Mullen Lowe. He has become so famous in this role that today he is a household name throughout the country. His many brilliant insights into the advertising world are frequently printed in Noticias Terra Brasil.

Borghi is a huge proponent of e-commerce. He sees doing shopping via tablets and smartphones as the future of the entire marketplace. He strongly believes that if any business hopes to compete in the future, they must fully embrace e-commerce right now. He points to Uber as an example of success story achieved by utilizing e-commerce to the fullest. In 2015, that e-commerce is the key to business success in Brazil. During that year, despite a financial depression in the Brazilian physical marketplace, $41 billion were made in online markets. Learn more about him:

He made the growth of this sector of the marketplace had been growing since 2014. And has since continued to go up every year. He completely understands why the experience is so attractive to consumers; it allows them to shop right in the comfort of their own homes. He sees the consumer populace in Brazil as becoming like that in the USA where at least half of all yearly purchases are made online. Borghi was born and raised in President Prudente, Brazil, where he attended and graduated from PUC-Campinas with a degree in Advertising.

In the years following graduation, he worked for a series of advertising firms before founding his own, which he called BorghiErh. This is the aforementioned company he helped start without any capital. It is also the company the joined and instigated the Mullen Group and Lowe Partners to form Mullen Lowe. After this historic merger, Borghi became co-CEO with Andre Gomes. To know more about Borghi click here.

Desiree Perez is the Secret Ingredient to Creating Successful Celebrities

Who is Desiree Perez?

Desiree Perez, or Des for short, is a huge part and influence of the exclusive music industry that brings in billions of dollars in profit each year. She is an important exec for the company Roc Nation that is credited with a long list of successful celebrities and helping them get started in a very competitive industry as well. Recently, on June 8th, 2017, she joined Mogul as a woman of leadership. Check

What is Roc Nation?

Roc Nation was a company founded in 2008 and has grown into the world’s largest preeminent company dominating in entertainment. Several celebrities owe their success to this company. Celebrities like Jay Z, Rihanna, Shakira, Kevin Durant, Dez Bryant and Robin Cano just to name a few. With the company continuing to grow and be successful they eventually expanded, in 2013, into the Sports Business too and working with sports celebrities too. Seems like the company will only get larger as they continue to have success following them. More to read on

What Has She Done to Accomplish with the Celebrities She Works With?

Des has proven to be an asset to the company, Roc Nation. She has also helped work one-on-one with celebrities like JAY Z, whom she has worked with for 22 years, and helped to push him and expand his business interests and optimizing his profits and investments with their best interests at heart. Her resume doesn’t stop there. She has helped numerous other celebrities like Beyonce, Rhianna and much more find their way to super celebrity status.  Click on for related article.

What Has She Accomplished Doing Her Job?

Not only has she worked with celebrities to help give their career a huge boost, but she has explored other options to help bring in more revenue. She has created but she has helped to created Tidal which has spread like wild fire and helped the company increase their profits by a large margin. She continues to be a thriving example and very successful in what she does. Her talents and success stories far exceed everything we can include in this article but you will definitely see more talent in the spotlight, with her help, in the near future.  Explore more Interesting news here.

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Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Thinker- Jason Hope

Unlike many young people he has a lot of responsibilities and holds several titles. Jason Hope can well be described as a philanthropist, thinker, and technologist. He was born and raised in Temple and after his High school graduation the futurist attended Arizona State University to further his education. Mr. Jason knows knowledge is power and after his graduation from Arizona State University he did his MBA graduating from ASU’s Carey School of Business. As an entrepreneur he has been keeping and focusing on one project at a time and he also advises other investors to do especially those who are coming up.

Jason Hope has earned a name as a futurist who has been watching the market and making predictions for the future. Most of Jason Hope’s predications are based on technological trends. For the longest time he has watched the technology industry expand and make changes and he trusts that the future of the current community is on the power of the internet due to the growing number of devices which are becoming connected. Jason Hope gives investors and entrepreneur an advice to capitalize on technology for expansion of their ventures.

The Arizona State University graduate is not only a technologist, entrepreneur and a thinker but he is also much involved in the community activities. He is an active philanthropist who recently $500000 to SENS Foundation that is a non profit organization based in California. As a humanitarian; Jason puts much focus on education, and health. He has been emphasizing on education in as well as outside the classroom and has worked hand in hand with the Boys &Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix. His passion for the health sector has led him to work with groups including; the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain State Chapter, True Colors Fund, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International among others. Jason is a strong believer of prevention than cure and he advises people on changing their perception on living healthy. There is another side about Jason which is developing; he has been involved in political issues. He believes in doing things today not tomorrow.

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